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Param Singh

Sales Associate to Andrea Lever

Param Singh joins the real estate industry as a Sales Associate to Andrea Lever with Ray White Albury North, bringing a unique blend of expertise and fresh enthusiasm that promises to redefine client service. With a robust background in sales and accounting, Param is not only equipped with essential analytical skills but also possesses a profound commitment to integrity and client satisfaction.

Embarking on a new career path in real estate, Param is fueled by a passion for helping clients achieve their dreams. His fresh perspective is complemented by a genuine dedication to excellence, making him a standout addition to the field. Param’s approach is client-centered; he is committed to understanding each client's unique needs and exceeding their expectations through personalised service.

Despite being new to the industry, Param’s eagerness to learn and adapt, combined with his professional background, positions him to provide exceptional insight and support to those looking to buy, sell, or invest in property. He is ready to navigate the complexities of the real estate market with confidence and to assist clients in making informed decisions with ease.

Param enjoys playing cricket, soccer and working out at the gym in his spare time.

We invite you to connect with Param and experience firsthand his enthusiasm, dedication, and the personalised care he brings to every interaction. With Param, you’re not just making a property transaction; you're setting the foundation for future success and fulfillment.